East-West Transfer Cuba

14 December 2021 | Infrastructure

In order to guarantee supply and irrigation for the population, three water transfers have been set up in Cuba. DEHISPA is participating in this titanic project, which will last approximately fifteen years, in the section that runs from east to west across the island. Here, we have carried out the first integral mechanisation by means of hydraulic tunnels with supply. Thanks to the most modern drilling, loading, bolting and transport equipment, a complete turnaround in the technology used has been achieved, which was previously based on traditional systems.

For this project, we have procured state-of-the-art machines from our partner EPIROC.

• Epiroc Boomer M1D
• Epiroc Boomer L2D
• Boltec MC Bolting Rigs
• Scooptram ST1030 Loaders
• Epiroc Minetruck MT2010
• Epiroc Serpent Ventilation Stations

DH Care

We have also participated, through our DH Care service, in the training and O&M service of hydraulic drilling rigs and bolting rigs in both advancement and support of underground works.

For this project, we have used loaders and low-profile trucks for hauling material into the tunnels, ventilation stations and ducts to ventilate the work fronts, as well as innovative Symmetrix and Swellex technology.