Omnicomm, Xetid and Dehispa together in fleet management and telemetry systems journey

14 December 2021 | Corporate

Omnicomm are experts in transport telemetry, fleet control and fuel management. They have been in this sector for more than twenty years, standing out for:
  • Its SaaS fleet management platforms.
  • Use of the most accurate and reliable fuel level sensors on the market.
  • On-board terminals for controlling and monitoring parameters in all types of vehicles
The algorithms used by Omnicomm are unique in fuel data processing, ensuring fuel level data records are completely reliable and accurate. Omnicomm’s products are marketed in over one hundred countries and integrated into more than eleven different industries.

The company offers suppliers of Transport Management and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems designed to optimise results and ensure their success.
The high-precision capacitive fuel level sensors are exceptionally robust and extremely accurate.

Xetid is a specialist in the software, automation and communications sector. Both Omnicomm and Xetid are strategic technology partners of DEHISPA and therefore of the Walma Dynamic Group.